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Daily Energy Routine

This daily routine is one of the best things you can do for yourself no matter what age. It will help you to have more energy, to focus better, to get less sick, to strengthen your immune system, and to feel happier.  It affects all of our life force energies and is best done in the mornings. After an session with me, it stabilizes the energy work we have done.

Sore Throat coming on?

Every time I feel a sore throat in it's beginning stages, I am using this very short exercise to nip it right in the bud! It works every single time! Do it multiple times and often throughout the day. I am also using Young Living essential oils to help out. Ask me about those!

Improve your digestion

This exercise resets your Ileocecal Valve to release congested energies in the area that separates our small intestines from the large intestines.
You can also massage the outside line of your thighs (right were your pant seam would be). Massage from the knee up if you suffer from diarrhea, or from the hip down, if you suffer from constipation. Some spots might be very tender, just work on them with firm pressure until not tender anymore.

Relieve for an upset stomach

Try to work on those Neurolymphatic points along your ribs as Donna Eden shows in the video.

Celtic Weave to strengthen your Biofield

When the auric field is compromised, we feel drained by other people or situations. We can even get anxious! The "Celtic Weave"exercise will strengthen the Aura, which is our "space suit", our first energy system of defense!

Spark JOY within you

Similar to the Daily Energy Routine, these are energy medicine exercises that activate your Radiant Circuits, the energy system of love and joy. Everybody needs Joy in their life.

Healthy Eyes

This video combines a number of energy medicine exercises which focus on improving eye health. Do this every day for a month and "see" and feel the difference.

Every so often, I will add exercises to this page. If there is any issue you'd like help with  -  I am only a phone call or text away.
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