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Energy Medicine

I was drawn to Energy Medicine because I felt it offered a completely different approach to healing. Monika’s practical, compassionate and knowledgeable approach helped me understand my overall health challenges in a broader, more holistic way. Our bodies are so much more than we’ve been taught to believe!

Most importantly, Monika demonstrated self-healing practices that give me hope in moving forward with my current and future sense of wellbeing.”

Laura K.

Energy Medicine

Monika is a wonderful practitioner for Eden Energy Medicine, she's knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and holds a safe space to talk about any issues you might have.  She's very good at explaining what she is doing and why.  I find that many of my physical issues are directly linked to what's going on with me emotionally.  I have gone to her with throbbing headaches, neck pain, back aches, and even allergies, and she has been able to help me with every one of them.  Every time I see her I have walked out feeling extremely relaxed, and best of all........pain free! “

Laurie T.

Animal Communication

Monika was incredibly accurate with her description of Jewell's (my cat) ailments and concerns. She was even made aware of a bit of personal, emotional traumas I was going through via the communication with my Jewell. Her energy session helped with many underlying issues Jewell had that her vet couldn't explain. All underlying issues are now in balance and have subsided. My vet is mystified!

Cherri P.

Animal Communication

There was no doubt that Monika was able to connect to my dog and best friend, she conveyed both his personality and his desires such that him and I were able to get through a very difficult time together knowing that we were on the same page. 

Heather M., DVM

Energy Medicine

I have been doing the Daily energy routine since 2015 and it is so wonderful, but my digestion was still not working as it could. After three visits with Monika at

abundance! energy . balance . health 

my digestion is working better than ever. It is amazing how she can pinpoint and get at the root of a problem and help it to move in the direction of health!! So excited and happy to have found her.


Animal Communication

Monika has an amazing voice when connecting to the animal world.  The respect that she shows for the process, animal, and person involved has created an experience that allowed me to bond with my dog in an incredible way!

Maggie B.

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